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 Providing professional quality fabrication and experience in all

forms of off-road racing and motorsports!

This is where we talk about how seriously we take our work, projects, and customers.

The bottom line is... we want our customers to be happy.  So we treat them right, set high quality standards for our work, and pay attention to detail.



If you bust up your rig off-road, you can drop it off with us and we'll not only fix it but give you a better solution than you started out with.


Let's face it, making vehicles more capable is our favorite thing to do!

Axis Fabrication has designed and built vehicles that have competed in the toughest off-road races in the country.  A testament to the quality of our work happens every time one of those rigs crosses the finish line.

So when we say that our track record speaks for itself, we're NOT KIDDING!


If you need a team of experienced custom vehicle builders who understand what works and what doesn't work off-road, we're here to help.

We bring our race-proven approach to design, to every customization project we do.